costa rica white water rafting
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Costa Rica White Water Rafting

The best experience in Costa Rica is white water rafting. This picture shows a group of white water rafters and the guy in the canoe seems to be photo bombing the group. Not only is he photo bombing this group he is one of the main reason they will survive if I fall out. When one of the group members falls out of the raft one of the kayak pedals against the current and saves the rafters from tragic death.

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Top five things about Costa Rica white water rafting

  1.  Crew members are very safe and experienced.
  2. Water rafts are in very good shape.
  3.  Approximate speed for the rivers are 5-10 mph.
  4.  Helmets and life jackets are required to be worn.
  5.  Children 4 and bellow are not allowed to water raft
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You are probably wondering how would they die in the first place, well I’m here to tell you. The currents is so strong and it’s not a man-made river so naturally there are a lot of rocks in a river so the current basically pushes you and slams you it to a rock. Which basically knocks you out. That’s the fun about Costa Rica white water rafting. I know I know what you are thinking (well thanks now, I wont go water rafting ) but wait I’m not done. Water rafting is a lot of fun and it is dangerous, but so is driving a car the average person is more likely to get in a car crash and die then dying while water rafting. If you still don’t believe me then look at my next post to see the group safe and sound on land.

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